Christmas 2020 - A Quick Note

These cookies are labour of love, and I tried my best to follow the tradition. All I ask from you is to take a moment to pause in your day, perhaps with coffee, tea or milk in hand, and enjoy these cookies. There was no rush in making them, each took their time to rest, bake and cool, so try not to hurry eating them too.

I bid goodbye to my trusty oven that I used for years, which I loved for two things: it has a light inside and a window, so I could sip coffee and watch the dough turned into treats. My new oven has neither, and I'm still adapting to gas power (real fire, y'all) which I learned, heats a lot faster. Now I just have to trust the process, sip coffee and watch my new hummingbirb friend. I'd like to apologize though, because this also means that there are either slightly burnt or under-baked cookies. Hopefully you still taste something new, and they spark curiosity of places far away.

PS. I haven't gotten a chance to update the blog, check back after December 16 for 2020 cookies!


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