Hojicha White Chocolate

To be fair, the main reason of this cookie is because I was trying to make use of the hojicha powder I brought from Japan last spring. Hojicha is roasted green tea, it's nutty and.. roasty? It tastes different than matcha. This batch came out funny, some were way bigger than anticipated, some were softer and one was a little burnt. But I'm not looking for perfect here. What I'm after is something that reminds me of the time my sister and I hiked up Mount Yoshino, where I ate three hojicha soft serve on our way up. Something with a mellow flavour yet so satisfying that you keep eating more.

Recipe by Gail of Teak & Thyme, here. In my first test, I couldn't really taste the roasted tea. So I doubled the hojicha powder, and sprinkled a bit more to the wet ingredients. I was happy with the modification, but my taste buds may like to party more than yours do.


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