The world is full of wonderful cookies, and the flavours and stories they carry. 

I like cookies, and have friends and coworkers from around the world. So, I came up with this idea of "travelling" to these places in my humble, small kitchen. The idea of dictionary isn't for recipes, but a quick guide of what's in the cookies and the stories behind them - I believe there's value in learning these.

I've never eaten most of these cookies, so frankly, I don't know how exactly they taste (until I get a chance to travel there! ;) This is my take on them, and I hope you enjoy!

This blog started as, literally, a dictionary for my family and friends for my around the world holiday cookies project. It's February 2020 as I'm writing this, and this has evolved as a space for me to recharge, be creative and find excuse to "test" more cookies.



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