Basler Brunsli (Basel, Switzerland)

These cookies originated from Basel, but well-known throughout northern Switzerland, and is named after their colour - bruun (brown). It's both gluten and dairy free, but equally delicious to this year's other lineups. Traditionally, it's made with almond flour, but I also mixed some hazelnut along with a shot of kirsch and dark chocolate (I used Callebaut dark chocolate blocks).

This country has a special place in my heart, because that's where I went for my first time backpacking a few years ago, and I regretted going there so early - it's hard to find another country that can compete to its beauty. I have an empty chocolate tin from a local chocolatier where I kept the train tickets and postcards from the trip. Every time I open it, I picture myself in my favourite village, Lauterbrunnen, tucked in a valley and surrounded by 72 waterfalls. It's quite magical there.


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