Baci di Dama (Piedmont, Italy)

Baci di Dama originates from Cuneo in Piedmont region, Northern Italy. The land of hazelnuts, and the birthplace of Nutella. This cookie got its name, lady's kisses, from its shape that resembles two lips kissing. 

It takes exactly 100 grams of only five things: hazelnut, butter, sugar, flour and dark chocolate (and kitten tears, it's so delicate). Yet, it's the most challenging cookie recipe I've tried to date. The Italians call this "casalinga" recipe, literally translates to "housewife", but this supposedly easy recipe requires precise technique and patience. I made this in the traditional way to achieve the delicate shape and texture. Next time, I'll roll them smaller into single bite size, and mix in a handful of hazelnuts to the dark chocolate to make homemade gianduia.

As I was making this, it made me think that there are so many roles and jobs that look easy and are often underrated, but are actually really freaking hard and deserve way more recognition (housewife, mom, teacher, many many more). I shall thank them with these cookies sometimes.


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