Zimtsterne (Alsace)

Translates to cinnamon star. Chewy almond based cookies with a touch of cinnamon, topped with meringue. I added a splash of Kirschwasser (which I got in a century old distillery in Salzburg, Sporer Lik├Âr) to the dough, not realizing it would make the dough cutting process painfully slow and messy. Oops. No gold star for this batch, next time!

My landlord is from Alsace, a small region in northeastern France that borders with Germany and Switzerland. I hope to spend a summer there one day, riding route Des Vins on a bicycle, or following the Rhine river through the charming towns and villages. Europe bike tour, anyone? ;)


  1. I have eaten this when me and my family used to live in Germany it is very popular there to. What can i say about them? Yum yum yum.


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