Vanilice (Serbia)

Bite sized sandwich cookies with a hint of lemon, filled with a dollop of jam and dusted with vanilla sugar. I didn't use leaf lard and walnut flour as the traditional recipe calls, but used butter and almond instead.

I was going to bake Austria's linzer cookies, but had a second thought and decided to go with this, the Balkans version of it. Vanilice, pronounced vah-ny-ly-tseh, means little vanillas in Serbian. These tiny cookies were a bit of labour to make, but so worth it. The hardest part was having to wait for two days before eating them, as the recipe strongly suggests. They're filled with Bonne Maman's apricot jam (my favourite!) and Le Meadow's Pantry raspberry rose jam.

Fun fact: In Serbia, Christmas falls on January 7. The main Church is Orthodox, and uses the "old" Julian calendar.


  1. I used to eat this when i was back in Croatia. I have some Serbian friends and ther mom used to make them for us. Super delicious


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