Melomakarona (Greece)

Lightly spiced soft cookies, dipped in honey sauce and drizzled with Pemberton fireweed honey. I replaced chopped walnuts topping with salted pistachio and rose petals for contrast, in flavour and colour, and added a splash of brandy to the dough. But stick to the tradition of using olive oil and the slow process of soaking up the cookies.

This cookie used to be called Makaronia (translates to "dead soul pie" in ancient Greek), and served after a funeral. The addition of Meli or honey, represents longevity and creation, and turned them into Christmas cookie. I like how a simple change turned the story around.

ps. Fireweed honey has the loveliest flavour, thanks to the hardworking bees in fireweed crop (the first thing that grows following wildfire). You can find them at the farmers market or speciality shop. They're such a treat!


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