Honorary Cookie (but not yummy)

There are few cookies that didn't make it to the list, but they were fun to bake and I might give them another try next year.

Amaretti (Italy)
I actually like the taste, but I definitely, maybe, got distracted and left them in the oven too long. They came out hard like biscotti and I don't believe that's how they should be. The good news is, I can dunk them in coffee, and they're easy to make. The bad news, I don't have anything for my gluten intolerant friends :(

Pfeffernuesse (Germany)
Iced gingerbread cookies. This batch needed more kick of spice. And I might have made it worse by completely substituting water with whiskey for the iced glaze. They have definitely lost their identity and tasted like slightly spiced, boozy cookies. Oh well.

Priyanik (Russia)
Mine turned flat as a pancake. And I didn't find anything special with the taste. But I have a couple Russian friends and I might make them call their grandmas for recipe.. I didn't get to take any picture of it, as my cookie inventory was at full capacity and I had to get rid of some.


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